What do you think of the word “happiness”?

Is it about how to earn sooo much money?

Is it about how to get sooo many gifts when you’re birthday?

Is it about how many countries have you visit?

I thought that everybody have they own passion. I love reading, so maybe I prefer to spend my money to buy some books. And yes, books are one of my happiness. I love the smell of a book. In the other side, maybe some people say that they love making money, so they could buy everything they need. Hmm, but when I ask to a little child, what makes you happy? She would answer, I wanna get some candies or I just wanna play with my friends or brothers or sisters. Yes, happiness is not all about money. (It doesn’t mean we don’t need money at all)

So, what things that makes you happy?

For now, I’m so happy because I still can write this writing here, I still can read all of my books on my shelf, I still have a roof to protect me of raining, I still have so many things to do on my daily. Yes, of course I’m happy, and one most important thing that could makes me happy, that I could help many people on every way even if it’s just a smile.

And also, you may get some of your happiness when you give something. I really love a kid’s smile when I come to them, and then said,, “Here, I got some candies for you” or “What do you play? Is there any difficulties? Maybe I can help you”. Or even if just when you hear someone says “Thank you soo much” and they give their BIG smile. What did you got? Happiness, right?

You must be happy when you spend your money or something that you can give to help our brothers and sisters on Merapi, Mentawai and Wasior. Just give what you have, don’t think about how they bring your money, how they use your money. Just give them what you need to give, and you’ll get your happiness 🙂

Much love for those on Merapi, Mentawai and Wasior.

Happiness is not about something you got, but it’s about something you give – anonymous


8 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. piacerreee :D says:

    hahaha 😀 kan aku tulis semuanya bakalan aku terima kok cerpennya tapi melalui editor dulu. jadi nanti ada editor yang membenahi cerpennya biar layak. sorry ya baru bisa jawab pertanyaan kamu, soalnya aku juga baru beres karantina dan baru bisa bw 😀

  2. penyiar geblek says:

    nice to read this post when my spirit drop … hehe this post raise my spirit up to make my own hapiness
    *hadeeeh bener gak bahasa linggisnya ya??

    eniwe .. aku ngiri sm postingan berbahasa linggis 😦 … i can’t 😥 😥

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